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Amalurra Community

Sociocracy 3.0

The Amalurra community hosts the first dissemination event on Sociocracy 3.0 from October 27 to 30. It is an introductory workshop on Sociocracy 3.0 under the motto: Collaborate to prosper and is organized within the framework of a broader project called: SEOC – SOCIOCRACY 3.0 Empowering organizational capacity, which is funded by the ERASMUS +    […]


Veneration of water: a mission of all humanity

“We live in water in our mother’s womb […] It is no coincidence, grandmothers say, that the Earth has the same percentage of water as the human body.” Hopi Grandma, Mona Polacca The D International Water Day It gives us the opportunity to jointly become aware of the need to keep safe the resources that    […]

Zorionak Irene

The March 8 , in addition to celebrating the fact of being women and continuing to claim our right to equal opportunities, for us and we, members of the Amalurra community, it is a special day of celebration because we commemorate the origin that gave rise to this, our life project . 24 years ago    […]

We are committed to sustainable agriculture

The youth of Amalurra We continue to bet on the land and for this reason we continue to learn and absorb new trends and contributions in terms of organic and ecological agriculture. On this occasion we had the opportunity to meet and learn from the famous Jairo Restrepo during the course that took place in    […]

San Juan, the magical night

One more year the night of San Juan brought us together in Amalurra around a beautiful fire, full of life, warmth and good wishes. The festival of the night of San Juan in Amalurra is always a special event for us because it was the first party that we celebrated as a community. It is    […]

ESCOLISE proposes the European Day of Sustainable Communities

ECOLISE (European Community-led Initiatives for sustainability and climate change) held its third international meeting in Amalurra, in which 22 people from different European countries participated in person, and many others via online. One of its most relevant proposals was the celebration of the European Day of Sustainable Communities, The 23th of September. What is ECOLISE?    […]

European Day of Sustainable Communities

The European network ECOLISE organizes the first European Day for Sustainable Communities. We celebrate the local effort in building resilience. With an event in Brussels and many others happening simultaneously, we invite you to participate from your communities and projects. It will be happening in Brussels … During the seminar on September 22, European political    […]

European Ecovillage Conference in Estonia

What can we learn from conscious communities? How can we apply this wisdom in the wider world and within ourselves? These are just some of the questions we will explore in the European Ecovillage Conference 2018 , inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the community of Lilleoru, Estonia. Under the theme of The wisdom of    […]

light bulbs hanging in the sky

Heart projects for the common good

This weekend, representatives of Amalurra we have traveled to Burgos to participate in the event Social Start Up of the University of Burgos and publicize our project of Amalurra community . In this meeting, promoted from the University of BurgosWe have participated in more than 20 initiatives, 20 mentors and 24 entrepreneurs, with the aim    […]

The magic of synchrony

  The first meeting of this year of the Amalurra community (Basque Country, Andalusia and Catalonia) brought together all the members of our project, once again the Amalurra community of Bizkaia being the host. Meeting again is always a pleasure and an opportunity to renew the complicity between those of us who share the experience    […]