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“We live in water in our mother’s womb […] It is no coincidence, grandmothers say, that the Earth has the same percentage of water as the human body.” Hopi Grandma, Mona Polacca

The D International Water Day It gives us the opportunity to jointly become aware of the need to keep safe the resources that allow us life on this planet, and to recognize our fragility and dependence on the elements of nature. The water, which, as the 13 grandmothers It has the same proportion in our body as in our planet, it is a fundamental part of our DNA and the support of our existence.

In addition, water is a human right, which on this side of the world we take for granted, but which for thousands of people has become a restricted, contaminated, expropriated or threatened asset, as is the case of the indigenous reserve of Standing rock , in the US, whose government is willing to endanger water reserves to build an oil pipeline. This threat has put 200 American tribes and thousands of activists around the world back on the warpath.

The message that 13 grandmothers launched at the time in this regard is very clear: “The blessing of the Water of Mother Earth is the beginning of a greater change, a mission that corresponds to each one of us (…). It is very important and it is the task of all humanity to apologize for the pollution and waste and, thus, give thanks to the water ”.

These women linked to the earth, ancestral wisdom and the values that have sustained this planet for millennia, remind us that “our vibrations can heal the water and our Mother Earth. It is time to wake up, share information and work for the common good, for the well-being of our home. In this mission, every action counts. ” This was the purpose that prompted us in Amalurra, 25 years ago, to create an emotional ecology that would have a vibrational impact on our environment and therefore on the rest of the planet, as a small contribution and an awareness of our responsibility, of our part in the chaos.

In this sense, they proposed this ritual to begin to take part in the conservation and care of water.

Prepare a bowl of clean water or stand next to a body of water.

Say a prayer or apologize for the contamination and disrespect for this item.

Offer prayers of love, gratitude, and respect.

Drink water with both hands. From your heart the energy will be projected into the water through your hands.

Have the firm intention that the vibrations that you transmit will reach the water and will spread to the waters of all Mother Earth.

Add your own prayer, meditation, song, music, dance, for the same purpose.

Have a bottle or glass of water on hand. Take some in your hands and with a thought of love, spread it away like seeds. Drink the rest of the water, with a feeling of gratitude.

We join the message of these wise women and therefore we call a ceremony to load our water with positive messages, gratitude and good intentions. We ask above all so that future generations can have and enjoy water as we have done in this time.

We invite you to join this or others ceremonies with the intention of using our vibrations as a healing tool for water, for our bodies and the emotions that it also symbolizes.

Irene Goikolea

Source: World Water Day: March 22nd 2014: Prayer for the healing of our Waters (Mystic Mamma).

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