The March 8 , in addition to celebrating the fact of being women and continuing to claim our right to equal opportunities, for us and we, members of the Amalurra community, it is a special day of celebration because we commemorate the origin that gave rise to this, our life project .

24 years ago today, what Irene Goikolea inaugurated the first women’s circle, in the Old Quarter of Bilbao, and that later gave rise to the Amalurra Community . A circle that brought as a legacy of Mexico from the hand of women from the regina circle , in connection with the traditions rooted in the Earth and with the memory of the ancestors.

Thus began Amalurra, as a result of those circles of women that Irene Goikolea celebrated for years, first with women then including men as well. And so we have also managed to sustain this dream and continue our vision, through inward and outward circles, concentric circles from what is close to the university, of diverse ages and traditions, of nature and technology connected to link the before, the now. and the after.

We continue, therefore, celebrating today, the birthday of the project and the trajectory of Irene as an inspiring and faithful visionary of the vision that we continue to enjoy today.

Zorionak Irene, zorionak Amalurra, zorionak emakumeok


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