The Amalurra community hosts the first dissemination event on Sociocracy 3.0 from October 27 to 30.

It is an introductory workshop on Sociocracy 3.0 under the motto: Collaborate to prosper and is organized within the framework of a broader project called: SEOC – SOCIOCRACY 3.0 Empowering organizational capacity, which is funded by the ERASMUS + program.

What is Sociocracy 3.0 and what is it for?

Sociocracy 3.0 proposes a set of tools and patterns that serve to manage groups, facilitating the positive transformation of individuals, teams and organizations through a more conscious collaboration.

Sociocracy 3.0, also known as S3, is based on sociocratic principles and practices, integrates influences from Agile, Lean, Holocracy and Nonviolent Communication philosophies, encompassing all aspects of collaboration.

It is a free and open frame of reference that provides organizations with different models and systems to apply, compatible and adaptable according to their context and unique needs.

S3 also addresses the difficulties that arise when collaboration between multiple teams, organizations, and networks is necessary. It acts as an open ‘social technology’ that generates a sense of common commitment to the benefit of respect, diversity and inclusion. It facilitates co-creativity, shared responsibility and naturally leads people towards more conscious and effective joint decision-making, always appealing to collective intelligence.

During the conference we will experience a theoretical-practical immersion in the different fields of action of S3: The coordination of work, formulas to reach and develop agreements, how to hold effective meetings, governance management, definition of roles and choice of people, types of Organizational Structures, Alignment, Patterns, and Movement S3.

Contribution for the workshop: € 200. (Including accommodation, meals and materials).

EU ERASMUS + program grant
 20 grants of € 100 for Spaniards
 9 grants of € 200 for non-Spanish Europeans.
From October 27 to 30
Amalurra Community.
Artzentales, Bizkaia.

More information and register:
Neus Valls Izard

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