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We received the honor award Enkartur 2014

We received the honor award Enkartur 2014

On December 18, Koldo Artaraz, president of Enkartur (Enkarterri Tourism Association), presents the 2014 award of honor to the Amalurra de Artzentales hotel, during an emotional Tourism gala held in Zalla, full of local talent. Koldo Arataraz He indicated how the “… Hotel Amalurra is committed to tourism linked to the environment and health …”,    […]

Gen Europa meeting in Findhorn

Encounter at Findhorn The meeting of Gen Europe and Gen International (Global Ecovillage Network) was held this year in the community of Findhorn , Scotland, July 6-10. Irene Goikolea , as founder of Amalurra and Josune Badiola , as a member of the community and representative of the RIE (Iberian Ecovillage Network) they attended this    […]

Hotel Amalurra

Amalurra, responsible accommodation

Amalurra Natural Resort has been chosen as a pilot hotel within the European project NEZEH , Nearly Zero Hotels (Hotels Huella Almost Zero), thanks to the measures implemented so far in the field of renewable energy and bio-construction and the commitment to energy reconversion that we plan to develop in the future. Magazine INFOHORECA ,    […]

GEN Europe meeting in Arterra, Navarra

  GEN Europe meeting in Arterra this summer from July 4 to 8 Celebrating 20 years of leadership connecting ecovillages and communities for a more sustainable world. The GEN (Global Network of Ecovillages of Europe) is pleased to inform you that the 20th edition of its summer Conference will take place this year in Spain,    […]

14 vegetarian menus

“Lapikoen Xarma” is the vegetarian cookbook published by Amalurra. A bilingual book, by 14 vegetarian recipes, Easy to prepare, healthy, nutritious menus that can also be enjoyed in the Amalurra restaurant. The idea of compiling these recipes and making a cookbook came about at the repeated request of numerous clients, most of them restaurant regulars,    […]

amalurra project

Tourism and sustainability

Amalurra Natural Resort has been selected as a pilot project among hundreds of projects from six European countries, to implement measures focused on this search for Almost Zero Consumption and the next June 24 will participate in a meeting in Nice to share the actions already carried out in this regard and the new projects    […]

The circle as origin

One of the characteristics of the circle is that it has neither beginning nor end. It does, of course, have movement and intrinsic characteristics such as integrating, containing, expanding, protecting, adapting, interacting, … The circle is the symbol of the feminine, of the full moon, of the Earth as Mother, of women and of life.    […]

With the refugees

We thank all the people who have made this event possible, which arose as a heartbeat of the three Amalurra communities to awaken to collective action, away from complaint, apathy or resignation. Thanks to the two organizations for their testimony, infrastructure and presence: REFuGEN (Ana) and CEAR Euskadi (Javier) . To the guest artists who    […]

The garden of prosperity

This Monday, June 20, the summer solstice started with full moon , a phenomenon that had not occurred for 68 years . Bearing this synchronicity in mind, in Amalurra we celebrate this event with the inauguration of the prosperity garden , a garden dedicated to the 4 directions, to the 4 elements. There was no    […]