The European network ECOLISE organizes the first European Day for Sustainable Communities. We celebrate the local effort in building resilience. With an event in Brussels and many others happening simultaneously, we invite you to participate from your communities and projects.

It will be happening in Brussels …

During the seminar on September 22, European political representatives and representatives of thousands of community sustainability initiatives will meet in Brussels. The launch of the first European Day of Sustainable Communities will be celebrating the 23 Sep 2017 .

During this previous day, a conference will be held where the fundamental role of Community Initiatives in sustainability and climate change will be emphasized in order to achieve climate objectives, preserve natural resources and biodiversity, and also, in the creation of a more equitable society and fair. And also to walk towards a different, sustainable and permanent future.

It is intended to establish commitments with the EU to promote local and community sustainability actions to move towards a different, more sustainable and more permanent future.


During the day, some pioneering attempts in the creation of new models of sustainable community development will also be shown: ecovillages, transition initiatives, agroecological movement, permaculture projects … And a live video of a selection of the events organized in the different European countries

It will be happening in Europe …

Numerous projects, initiatives, associations, collectives or ecovillages are organizing events and will open their doors on September 23. Aiming to win visibility and recognition at the Brussels Conference and in Europe, and inspire new people and communities towards more sustainable life models.


In the Spanish State …

This is a call for all those initiatives and projects involved in this community and local action towards sustainability. So that from Spain, we join the European celebration of this day. A call for ecovillages, projects related to permaculture, transition initiatives, agroecological movements, social economies … Let us participate actively in the celebration of this day.

How? Organizing an event to show the work that is being done from your initiatives or projects. The events can be: a meeting, a talk, a day, a conference, a workshop, an exhibition, a community meal …

It is a time of creativity and celebration and everyone is invited to participate and celebrate the path to sustainability that is already happening!

The organization of the event can be done on September 23 or on another date in September, linked to the theme of Sustainable Communities.


If you want, you can use the logo created especially for the event – download here.

Map of European projects and events.

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Again, the objectives of these events are to win visibility and recognition both at the Brussels Conference and in Europe and Spain. We want to inspire new people and communities towards more sustainable life models.

Let’s keep building the road!

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