The first meeting of this year of the Amalurra community (Basque Country, Andalusia and Catalonia) brought together all the members of our project, once again the Amalurra community of Bizkaia being the host.

Meeting again is always a pleasure and an opportunity to renew the complicity between those of us who share the experience of making community. Within the meeting, there was also space to deepen our group processes, facilitated, once again, by Irene Goikoela.

Among the experiences and reflections of this meeting, share, in particular, the lesson learned regarding the relative of “looking”, of paying attention to difficulties or achievements, blocks and limitations or new goals and horizons hopeful. Everything is there, because everything is part of life and therefore, of our community experience. Now, the purpose of this look is the free choice that exists within each one and within the collective. Do we learn or justify ourselves? It is a matter of choice.

In fact, the meeting happened with this double look, which forced us to say goodbye to the end of a stage in order to open ourselves to the new and renewed. At that precise moment, the synchronicity arrived in the form of a canvas, of two paintings that the Community of Barcelona had prepared to give us and that, oh causality!, Reflected two seeds, two eggs, one loaded with the weight of the excess darkness, the one that is no longer fertile, and the other, full of light and lightness, thanks to the acts of responsibility of each one of us, assuming what has been done and what is to be done.

A synchronicity, according to authors such as Jung, means a message from the universe and that is how we understand it when we contemplate both paintings. In the words of Irene Goikolea : “The future we long for is simply a better version of ourselves, a more refined and mature I, willing to contribute its gifts, not to the claims of its ego, but to the evolutionary process of Humanity.”

According to this synchronicity, if we take it as a revealing dream, we could intuit that in the collective field a new seed has already germinated, that the new life is ready to hatch. Welcome!

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