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Gen Europa meeting in Findhorn

Encounter at Findhorn The meeting of Gen Europe and Gen International (Global Ecovillage Network) was held this year in the community of Findhorn , Scotland, July 6-10. Irene Goikolea , as founder of Amalurra and Josune Badiola , as a member of the community and representative of the RIE (Iberian Ecovillage Network) they attended this    […]

The garden of prosperity

This Monday, June 20, the summer solstice started with full moon , a phenomenon that had not occurred for 68 years . Bearing this synchronicity in mind, in Amalurra we celebrate this event with the inauguration of the prosperity garden , a garden dedicated to the 4 directions, to the 4 elements. There was no    […]

Trust, respect and exchange for a community of communities

Amalurra participates, through its founder Irene Goikolea, in the Green Phoenix meeting held in Switzerland from November 4 to 8. The Green Phoenix Congress , in Berner Oberland, Switzerland, has since its origins in 2010 become a forum for experts and community representatives as well as for peace and sustainability initiatives. Every autumn around four    […]

Meeting of Ecovillages in Amalurra

This summer, the Amalurra Community will host the RIE ecovillage summer meeting , where people from very different places come together to live, share, learn and exchange experiences, information, projects and ideas, around the movement of communities and ecovillages. The groups and people that are part of the RIE We have been working for months    […]

Youth in the RIE

At XIX Meeting of Ecovillages that will take place in Amalurra from August 25-28 , the organization is working to create a space full of activities and ideas dedicated to the youth attendees from among 12 and 18 years . What do young people say about life in community? At XIX Meeting of the RIE    […]

Meeting of Ecovillages in Los Portales

One more year, the RIE (Iberian Ecovillage Network) will celebrate its summer meeting, this time the Community of Los Portales (Seville) Drains the hostess of the event. For more than 20 years it has been the best opportunity to meet, share and celebrate new forms of collective, community and alternative life. This year’s meeting will    […]

We are committed to sustainable agriculture

The youth of Amalurra We continue to bet on the land and for this reason we continue to learn and absorb new trends and contributions in terms of organic and ecological agriculture. On this occasion we had the opportunity to meet and learn from the famous Jairo Restrepo during the course that took place in    […]

ECOLISE, General Assembly 2017

This year, the ECOLISE general assembly is held in Amalurra on March 6, 7 and 8, more than twenty people have arrived from different parts of Europe: Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, England, Holland. … in addition to online participation. ECOLISE is a coalition of organizations dedicated to promoting and supporting local communities across Europe in    […]

Volunteer Program for communities

We have been fortunate to participate in the training course that GEN Europe taught in the field of EVS European Voluntary Service under the program of Erasmus + Project Volunteering in Ecovillages – Immersion in Sustainable Lifestyles – Training. There were 5 days of training, from October 7-11, celebrated in the community of Arterra Bizimodu    […]

San Juan, the magical night

One more year the night of San Juan brought us together in Amalurra around a beautiful fire, full of life, warmth and good wishes. The festival of the night of San Juan in Amalurra is always a special event for us because it was the first party that we celebrated as a community. It is    […]