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The circle as origin

One of the characteristics of the circle is that it has neither beginning nor end. It does, of course, have movement and intrinsic characteristics such as integrating, containing, expanding, protecting, adapting, interacting, … The circle is the symbol of the feminine, of the full moon, of the Earth as Mother, of women and of life.    […]

400 years of forgiveness

On Saturday, June 9, a ritual ceremony took place in the foral field of Gerediaga, Abadiño, to apologize to the women who were accused and punished as “witches”. A request for public pardon to them and their descendants for what in their day did those responsible for the municipalities of the Merindad . And the    […]

Zorionak Irene

The March 8 , in addition to celebrating the fact of being women and continuing to claim our right to equal opportunities, for us and we, members of the Amalurra community, it is a special day of celebration because we commemorate the origin that gave rise to this, our life project . 24 years ago    […]