One more year the night of San Juan brought us together in Amalurra around a beautiful fire, full of life, warmth and good wishes. The festival of the night of San Juan in Amalurra is always a special event for us because it was the first party that we celebrated as a community. It is a party that makes our hearts happy and reminds us of the enthusiasm with which we arrived at Artzentales and the intention we had when we founded the community to go beyond our individual interests and collectively cross those limits.

The magic of this festival connects with all the bonfires that are made in different parts of the world and with the memory of all those fires lit by our ancestors since ancient times. The prominence of fire, the rest of the elements and elementals help us to rescue the common DNA of a humanity that owes its survival to the Mother, to Mother Earth.

This magical night, in addition, manages to bring together our families, friends, neighbors, hotel guests and guests who year after year or for the first time come to Amalurra through our open and inclusive call: all ages, origins and beliefs are welcome . So all of us united by a single intention to jointly celebrate this peculiar night, to throw the leftovers into the fire and help our dreams to take flight.

The music, the dance, the jumping over the bonfire, the pintxos and chocolate were filling the night that began with a simple and emotional ceremony in honor of the four directions with the vibrant sound of the conch shell and the drums. As every year, this opening ceremony was in charge of Irene Goikolea , founder of the community, who wanted to thank, remember, include and value the steps taken and those to come, the mention of the ancestors and the invisible and the importance of joining in a common purpose that brings unity and well-being to the whole. The words of the circle completed the ceremony, each one in their own language, from different parts of the world, some sharing their intentions, others their fears, also reminding those who are not there, those who are less fortunate than us, a call to personal action but also to collective action, to do “something” responsible for those people who are dying at sea, who are being separated at the borders, that youth lost in uprooting, … The celebration necessary to honor our life together with our conscience so as not to forget what surrounds us and what concerns us.

In short, a night that we hope to repeat for a long time each time the equinox arrives to honor the mystery and magic of the sacred circle of life. And, as always, we will wait for you with open arms because it is part of the intention of this community to add and share.

Gora San Juan.

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