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GEN Europe meeting in Arterra, Navarra

  GEN Europe meeting in Arterra this summer from July 4 to 8 Celebrating 20 years of leadership connecting ecovillages and communities for a more sustainable world. The GEN (Global Network of Ecovillages of Europe) is pleased to inform you that the 20th edition of its summer Conference will take place this year in Spain,    […]

Henny Freitas, the communication manager of HOME ( Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America) participated in the International Conference of GEN International that took place in Arterra last July, but before and after he had the opportunity to meet Amalurra , since his flight left from Bilbao. This is the article he wrote about    […]

The transformative power of “sustainable” dreams

East September 23 , together with other European communities from 15 countries, we celebrate the 1st European Day for Sustainable Communities , organized by the European network ECOLISE . In the Amalurra community We had the opportunity to share with some 80 people a day of awareness and learning about such a broad, diverse and    […]

400 years of forgiveness

On Saturday, June 9, a ritual ceremony took place in the foral field of Gerediaga, Abadiño, to apologize to the women who were accused and punished as “witches”. A request for public pardon to them and their descendants for what in their day did those responsible for the municipalities of the Merindad . And the    […]

Zorionak Irene

The March 8 , in addition to celebrating the fact of being women and continuing to claim our right to equal opportunities, for us and we, members of the Amalurra community, it is a special day of celebration because we commemorate the origin that gave rise to this, our life project . 24 years ago    […]

San Juan, the magical night

One more year the night of San Juan brought us together in Amalurra around a beautiful fire, full of life, warmth and good wishes. The festival of the night of San Juan in Amalurra is always a special event for us because it was the first party that we celebrated as a community. It is    […]

light bulbs hanging in the sky

Heart projects for the common good

This weekend, representatives of Amalurra we have traveled to Burgos to participate in the event Social Start Up of the University of Burgos and publicize our project of Amalurra community . In this meeting, promoted from the University of BurgosWe have participated in more than 20 initiatives, 20 mentors and 24 entrepreneurs, with the aim    […]

Potential Project, awareness and efficiency

Amalurra has hosted, from October 16 to 21, the meeting Potential Project , which has brought together almost 100 Mindfulness facilitators from around the world. This event has given us the opportunity to live a very enriching experience at the community level, since both projects share the objective of raising awareness. For its part, Potential    […]

Enkarterri Green, sustainable economy, responsibility and commitment

The Hotel Amalurra hosted on May 23 the eighth edition of the initiative ‘Enkarterri breakfasts’, a forum that brings together social and economic agents as well as institutional representatives of the region of Encartations . The meeting that had as its title ‘Corporate social responsibility, employability and regional development’ served as the stage to award    […]