ECOLISE (European Community-led Initiatives for sustainability and climate change) held its third international meeting in Amalurra, in which 22 people from different European countries participated in person, and many others via online. One of its most relevant proposals was the celebration of the European Day of Sustainable Communities, The 23th of September.

What is ECOLISE?

In the words of Ana Huertas , participant of the meeting and member of the Transition Network “It is a shared platform for learning, action and advocacy, by and for community initiatives for sustainability and against climate change. ECOLISE is a European meta-network (network of networks), based on the premise that the time has come to work together to support local community action towards a new model of life ”.

Who makes up ECOLISE

ECOLISE, is made up of different organizations and movements Europeans and at the level of the Spanish State participate RIE (Red Iberica de Ecovillages), to which Amalurra belongs, and the Transition Network.

What is the purpose of the meeting?

We meet to review achievements, assess challenges, and co-create next steps. The most innovative aspect of the meeting in Amalurra was undoubtedly the possibility of holding a mixed meeting, in which a third of the participants were able to take part in the different online sessions, and feel 100% included in the processes and debates.

What were the next challenges to tackle?

The star project that ECOLISE intends to launch this year is the European Day of Sustainable Communities , which will be held on September 23 . The idea is to organize events and activities to celebrate this day. Its main objective is to present innovative examples at the European level that are leading the way towards a greener future.


An important part of the 2016-2020 strategy consists of daring to “think big”, to dream and imagine projects and activities that have a real and global impact. ECOLISE members were invited to present their ideas, and these are the most prominent:

Sunny Hill (Slovenia): World Cleanup Day, 15 Sept 2018. More info:

UK Permaculture Association: Permaculture Collaborative. More info:

Transition Sweden: A Year in Transition. More info: .

Transition Network: Municipalities in Transition. More info:

Transition Croatia and ECOLISE: The Emergence Project (in response to the 100 & Change competition). More info: .

Cultivate Living & Learning Ireland: GROW project. More info: ; and a video .

Thanks to Ana Huertas for their collaboration and from Amalurra to congratulate us that this meeting has taken place in our community for the opportunity it has given us to share with the participants and learn about new projects and initiatives focused on co-creating a more hopeful future.

A pleasure to see that the community, in its broadest sense, continues to grow and expand.

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