From her role as coordinator and facilitator, Irene Goikolea promoted processes of consolidation of inner sovereignty or self-leadership. To this end, she focused on working towards the encounter, acceptance and integration of our excluded aspects. In this sense, shadow work has been a pillar in the sustainability of the community that has also contributed to shortening the distance that separated us from the other. Likewise, she promoted processes focused on consolidating trust, collaboration and openness among us and on encouraging active listening and active participation in our sharing circles. Cooperation and the sense of belonging were fostered through community relations, common projects, shared goals, mutual help and conflict resolution, as well as volunteering.

Over time, community self-management or government bodies were formalized, based on the dynamics that had initially developed at an informal and family level. The most important bodies were the sharing circles, as spaces to address issues that required processes rather than decisions. Addressing these issues was essential in order to make responsible decisions, especially at a time when materializing the physical space required a great commitment from everyone. In addition, a Commission, made up of 6 people, was in charge of elaborating the work plan and making the most urgent decisions regarding the hotel resort. For thus, they were in communication with the people responsible for the different sections or areas. However, issues that affected all or part of the community members in a human sphere were discussed in sharing circles with the entire group and decisions were made by consent, offering everyone the opportunity to participate.

Good practices

Volunteering as a tool for social cohesion

IIn our community experience, we have been able to experience how we all have something to offer: time, attention, company, gifts or abilities. In Amalurra, a part of the volunteering activities have focused on maintenance tasks, above all in the gardens and the vegetable orchard or in the restaurant and the kitchen, for example.


Decision making by consensus

As facilitator of the Amalurra project, Irene Goikolea fostered practices that promote maximum participation, mutual understanding and shared responsibilities, as a way to achieve the established objectives. These practices sought inclusive solutions and sustainable agreements both at the individual and the group level. Within this context, it became necessary to implement dynamics focused on reaching group consensus regarding pre-existing disagreements or those that arose on the way towards the common objectives. The purpose of those dynamics was to achieve a broader and more encompassing vision of each situation, so that each person could take a stance aware of their place in relation to the others.

Responsibility and social action

True to its commitment to social activism, Amalurra still continues to be part of the Red Ibérica de Ecovillages RIE, and GEN Europe (the Global Network of Ecovillages in Europe).

Interaction with other communities, settlements and community projects has always been aimed at promoting personal growth, inclusion, dialogue, research and awakening of consciousness.

In the community, the circular halls, such as Lurbeltz, have been the most appropriate spaces for holding sharing circles, which encourage dialogue, active listening and transparent communication.