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With the refugees

We thank all the people who have made this event possible, which arose as a heartbeat of the three Amalurra communities to awaken to collective action, away from complaint, apathy or resignation. Thanks to the two organizations for their testimony, infrastructure and presence: REFuGEN (Ana) and CEAR Euskadi (Javier) . To the guest artists who    […]

Amalurra with Syrian families, opening the door of the heart

Ongi etorri! Welcome! Given the situation that thousands of Syrian and Lebanese families are experiencing, the Amalurra Community , in its three enclaves: Bizkaia, Granada and Barcelona unanimously approved to open the doors of the communities and welcome some of these displaced families. The quarterly meeting of the Amalurra Community, which meets periodically in Amalurra    […]

Brothers in the heart of the world

Brothers in the heart of the world Fly out, heart beyond the prison of suspicion, burial of life and its longing, that ruins, belittles and murders, all love or compassion. Show us you, heart that crazy tyranny of prejudice, those invisible threads of dreams, who has managed to be the owner so many times, of    […]