The youth of Amalurra We continue to bet on the land and for this reason we continue to learn and absorb new trends and contributions in terms of organic and ecological agriculture. On this occasion we had the opportunity to meet and learn from the famous Jairo Restrepo during the course that took place in Arterra Bizimodu (Navarra) Now back home, it’s time to pass on what you’ve learned and put it into practice.

Jairo , known for his experiments and mixtures based on the “cow shit” , stresses the importance of working the land in an organic way to make it self-regenerating, as a basic key to making agriculture healthy and sustainable. Thus, for four days we learned to prepare mineral broths, biofertilizers, bokashi, … The philosophy behind this trend contrasts with the current food industry based on mass production, where the land tends to be poisoned and deserted.

Luckily, the interest in this aspect of ours is increasing, in fact we gather about 30 people with very diverse profiles, between farmers and cattlemen, students, activists, … which confirms that we are more and more l We are beginning to awaken towards a culture of respect, gratitude and defense of the rights of the Earth as a living being that it is.

We continue walking!


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