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Amalurra Natural Resort has been selected as a pilot project among hundreds of projects from six European countries, to implement measures focused on this search for Almost Zero Consumption and the next June 24 will participate in a meeting in Nice to share the actions already carried out in this regard and the new projects from a vision of the future.

The European tourism sector is promoting a project called “Nearly Zero Hotels” (Hotels with practically zero energy consumption) to promote and promote those accommodations with an ecological conscience around their energy design and waste treatment, as well as other more subtle aspects such as respect for nature as the main axis.

This article explains the objectives and scope of the project Nezeh and describes the characteristics and measures that Amalurra Natural Resort In this search for sustainability and coherence between the management and design of a close, family-friendly and green hotel service, it will continue to implement the essential values of the Amalurra project.

Amalurra, “Nearly Zero Hotels” Project desde Amalurra Community

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