Amalurra enkarturOn December 18, Koldo Artaraz, president of Enkartur (Enkarterri Tourism Association), presents the 2014 award of honor to the Amalurra de Artzentales hotel, during an emotional Tourism gala held in Zalla, full of local talent.

Koldo Arataraz He indicated how the “… Hotel Amalurra is committed to tourism linked to the environment and health …”, and it is that we have always taken great care of the environment and every detail of our Hotel and Restaurant so that our clients enjoy a place in the that “… nature caresses your stay and awakens your senses …”.

Paula Maella and Arantza Etexebarrieta , representing the Hotel Amalurra, collected the award at the gala. Here you have a sample of the event.


Enkartur Award to Hotel Amalurra desde Hotel Amalurra on Vimeo .


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