GEN Europe meeting in Arterra this summer from July 4 to 8

Celebrating 20 years of leadership connecting ecovillages and communities for a more sustainable world.

The GEN (Global Network of Ecovillages of Europe) is pleased to inform you that the 20th edition of its summer Conference will take place this year in Spain, specifically from July 4 to 8 in the community of Arterra Bizimodu in Artieda, Navarra. The event is open to all audiences.


As every year, some 400 people from all the ecovillages in Europe will meet to exchange experiences, workshops, talks and practical work on the different aspects of community life. Topics such as alternative economies, food sovereignty, renewable energies, human relations management, group facilitation, governance models, collective decision-making processes, bioarchitecture and political activism: an inspiring and diverse agenda.

Participants will be able to choose between attending the monothematic workshops, practical workshops or going deeper into a topic through workshops that will have several sessions. There will be round tables and participatory on different topics. Also, throughout the meeting, there will be a fair / exhibition (ESTEXPO) of the different inventions, gadgets and sustainable technical solutions that are used in the communities to face the challenges of Climate Change and the scarcity of raw materials.

In parallel, there will be opportunities to share with members of the European Network, and other related networks (permaculture, Peoples in Transition, Gaia, Agroecological movement, etc.), market, show nights and more surprises.

The GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) It was founded 20 years ago and is represented in more than 100 countries on 5 continents. Gen Europa is a network that connects, supports and disseminates the work of ecovillages and communities. Ecovillages are one of the few viable models of sustainable development. GEN Europe has a delegation in Brussels under the umbrella of ECOLISE, along with other intercontinental networks; Furthermore, it has been a consultative body of the UN on education for sustainability for 10 years.

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Address: Arterra Bizimodu, calle Abajo 7, 31480 Artieda, Navarra. Spain.


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