One of the characteristics of the circle is that it has neither beginning nor end. It does, of course, have movement and intrinsic characteristics such as integrating, containing, expanding, protecting, adapting, interacting, … The circle is the symbol of the feminine, of the full moon, of the Earth as Mother, of women and of life.

A circle of women it is the origin, the return and the memory of our beginning without end and also of our mission of expansion, containment, integration, … Women’s circles go back to ancestral cultures and times and are still present in our time in an increasingly visible way as a tool and as a testimony and witness to be passed on to the next generations, as has happened from the beginning.

Us, how women of the Amalurra community We also understand the circle as the seed of this project, since what is now a beautiful place with gardens, trees and subtle flowers, houses full of families and a careful hotel and restaurant business, began as “only” a circle. of women.

Women who met in a flat on one of the seven streets of Bilbao, women who heard the call of a woman who in turn echoed other women from the regina circle , there in Mexico, and who were in connection with many other women of ancestral traditions and cultures. In truth, Amalurra began like this in a circle around Irene Goikolea who had the audacity and the power to summon and be heard.

21 years have passed and in a few days, as a synchrony ceremony, Amalurra will host the International Circle of Women , convened by a group of women connected in turn with women from all over the world who form concentric circles around the first circle of Life, of the Earth. The circle understood as a space of confluence, exchange and contribution to personal, collective and planet transformation.
The meeting is open to all women and will take place on March 20, 21 and 22 on Amalurra. Women from different fields will participate, from shamans to artists, therapists, healers, mothers, …

If you also want to participate and come to share, enjoy, learn and learn more about the global movements around women’s circles, you can find out on the page .

You will find all the information about the program, the participants and the way to get to Amalurra through this link: .


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