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Hospitality and sustainability, a fashionable couple

Hospitality and sustainability, a fashionable couple

This is the 4th edition in Bilbao of the international fair for organic products, Biocultura. Amalurra as a hotel, restaurant, spa and multipurpose space, with rooms and workplaces that host groups, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, celebrations, … etc. participate in the fair by contributing our way of doing and managing within the hospitality and hospitality industry.    […]

The transformative power of “sustainable” dreams

East September 23 , together with other European communities from 15 countries, we celebrate the 1st European Day for Sustainable Communities , organized by the European network ECOLISE . In the Amalurra community We had the opportunity to share with some 80 people a day of awareness and learning about such a broad, diverse and    […]


Veneration of water: a mission of all humanity

“We live in water in our mother’s womb […] It is no coincidence, grandmothers say, that the Earth has the same percentage of water as the human body.” Hopi Grandma, Mona Polacca The D International Water Day It gives us the opportunity to jointly become aware of the need to keep safe the resources that    […]

Auzolanak in the oak forest

To the south of the community we have a beautiful oak grove and the youth of Amalurra we have decided to take a look at it and prepare it for enjoyment. We believe that it can be a beautiful place to walk and activate our senses. Last Saturday, we got together, as always, for the    […]

Brothers in the heart of the world

Brothers in the heart of the world Fly out, heart beyond the prison of suspicion, burial of life and its longing, that ruins, belittles and murders, all love or compassion. Show us you, heart that crazy tyranny of prejudice, those invisible threads of dreams, who has managed to be the owner so many times, of    […]

Zorionak Irene

The March 8 , in addition to celebrating the fact of being women and continuing to claim our right to equal opportunities, for us and we, members of the Amalurra community, it is a special day of celebration because we commemorate the origin that gave rise to this, our life project . 24 years ago    […]

400 years of forgiveness

On Saturday, June 9, a ritual ceremony took place in the foral field of Gerediaga, Abadiño, to apologize to the women who were accused and punished as “witches”. A request for public pardon to them and their descendants for what in their day did those responsible for the municipalities of the Merindad . And the    […]

Volunteer Program for communities

We have been fortunate to participate in the training course that GEN Europe taught in the field of EVS European Voluntary Service under the program of Erasmus + Project Volunteering in Ecovillages – Immersion in Sustainable Lifestyles – Training. There were 5 days of training, from October 7-11, celebrated in the community of Arterra Bizimodu    […]

ECOLISE, General Assembly 2017

This year, the ECOLISE general assembly is held in Amalurra on March 6, 7 and 8, more than twenty people have arrived from different parts of Europe: Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, England, Holland. … in addition to online participation. ECOLISE is a coalition of organizations dedicated to promoting and supporting local communities across Europe in    […]