jardin de la prosperidadThis Monday, June 20, the summer solstice started with full moon , a phenomenon that had not occurred for 68 years . Bearing this synchronicity in mind, in Amalurra we celebrate this event with the inauguration of the prosperity garden , a garden dedicated to the 4 directions, to the 4 elements. There was no lack of spontaneous participation by those present with songs, poems and dances, which gave a festive tone to this ceremony.

This celebration had an international tinge, because among the participants, in addition to adults, youth and children of the Amalurra project, were representatives of the GEN ( Global Ecovillage Network ), and from other organizations, coming from Romania, Austria or Germany, who were participating in a sustainability meeting in Amalurra. The program organizer was also with us The Art of Collaboration Donostia 2016, an ambitious initiative that wants to promote the creation of a socio-economic fabric that supports the sustainability of the Earth.

_DSC0303Afterwards, we went to the Events Room, where everything was arranged to celebrate the full moon with a wreath to Mother Earth and with fruits and seeds to honor her generosity. On this occasion, participation was not limited only to women, but was open to all. In fact, every 2 months, our full moon celebrations are mixed. It really was an occasion to celebrate such a prosperous moon in the midst of a cultural diversity that marks a new time for Amalurra.

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