Amalurra participates, through its founder Irene Goikolea, in the Green Phoenix meeting held in Switzerland from November 4 to 8.

The Green Phoenix Congress , in Berner Oberland, Switzerland, has since its origins in 2010 become a forum for experts and community representatives as well as for peace and sustainability initiatives. Every autumn around four axes: ecology, economy, coexistence and peace and awareness.

The convocation of Green Phoenix, platform of networks and collective and individual projects that works for sustainability and social justice, has revolved this year around the “Building trust and global responsibility for communities and ecovillages.” Around 40 participants, main representatives of different European ecovillages, have gathered in Schweibenalp, Switzerland, on the occasion of this annual meeting that Green Phoenix has been holding for five years.

Irene Goikolea attended representing the Amalurra community of the Basque Country, Granada and Barcelona together with other members of European communities and projects such as: Biomimicry Global, Citta de la Luce Italy, Damanhur Italy, ECOLISE Global, Füssen Germany, GEN Europe, GEN International, GEN Suisse , Glarisegg Switzerland, Heilhaus Movement, Hurdal Norway, Lilleoru Estonia, Sennrüti Switzerland, Skala Ecovillage Greece, Steyerberg Germany and Tamera Portugal.

WorldCafeAmong the objectives of GREEN PHOENIX is to weave a network of knowledge and learning for systemic change applicable to rural, urban and virtual experimental communities in the four areas: Ecology, Economy, Coexistence and Spiritual Awareness.




The participants have worked daily in small groups around three main points:

1.- The promotion of deep trust: Although each community is different, they all share similar processes and aspects such as: decision-making, the role and heritage of visionaries and founders, issues around the individual and the community, commitment, the economy and the finance, youth, gender and inter-generational relations or education, among others.

The exchange to share this information can only be supported by trust, respect for diversity and openness to give and receive.

2.- The creation of a network for the exchange and trade of products and services between ecovillages. The proposal is to create a network that revalues the respect for people and nature and promote self-sufficiency as well as artisanal and local products.

On this issue, alternative financing systems and the sustainable economy they were essential protagonists.

3.- Associationism and cooperation between North and South communities. The meeting served to share the experiences of some European and US communities with Africa, Latin America and Asia in terms of volunteering, sponsorships, associations and mutual learning opportunities. The fact of share this information, contacts and ways to do Until now, it is a preliminary basis to continue building together and to join other communities and people in this direction.

Building a Community of Communities for the cultural and social transformation and the ecological sustainability of the planet , is getting much closer.


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