This is the 4th edition in Bilbao of the international fair for organic products, Biocultura.
Amalurra as a hotel, restaurant, spa and multipurpose space, with rooms and workplaces that host groups, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, celebrations, … etc. participate in the fair by contributing our way of doing and managing within the hospitality and hospitality industry. restoration, in a conscious, responsible and sustainable way.
The Amalurra hotel and the rest of the services that make up the place, were not born as a company a priori , but arose from the Amalurra life project, as a business side of a larger project.
This is why, from the beginning, we tried to apply and transfer the ecological values of holistic growth and conservation of the heritage of our ancestors to the business and economic sphere.
Our code as a community, families, individuals, project and company is the same: caring for the environment and people, responsible use of resources, mutual support and the intention to contribute positively with our creativity and our work.
For this reason, we are proud to have this gap in the ecological world of the fair in particular and of the ecological trend in general that we are experiencing as a society.
If you still do not know us, you are on time this weekend to put on a face, gather information and exchange ideas and projects.
See you at Biocultura Bilbao, October 30, 1 and 2 at the BEC.

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