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The transformative power of “sustainable” dreams

East September 23 , together with other European communities from 15 countries, we celebrate the 1st European Day for Sustainable Communities , organized by the European network ECOLISE . In the Amalurra community We had the opportunity to share with some 80 people a day of awareness and learning about such a broad, diverse and    […]

ESCOLISE proposes the European Day of Sustainable Communities

ECOLISE (European Community-led Initiatives for sustainability and climate change) held its third international meeting in Amalurra, in which 22 people from different European countries participated in person, and many others via online. One of its most relevant proposals was the celebration of the European Day of Sustainable Communities, The 23th of September. What is ECOLISE?    […]

European Day of Sustainable Communities

The European network ECOLISE organizes the first European Day for Sustainable Communities. We celebrate the local effort in building resilience. With an event in Brussels and many others happening simultaneously, we invite you to participate from your communities and projects. It will be happening in Brussels … During the seminar on September 22, European political    […]

The weak health of our native forests

On the occasion of the European Day of Sustainable Communities , from Amalurra community We organized an open day with a program of activities focused on the problem of our native forests, in line with the concern generated by the disease that is attacking the pine insignis , its virulence and the lack of effective    […]