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light bulbs hanging in the sky

Heart projects for the common good

This weekend, representatives of Amalurra we have traveled to Burgos to participate in the event Social Start Up of the University of Burgos and publicize our project of Amalurra community . In this meeting, promoted from the University of BurgosWe have participated in more than 20 initiatives, 20 mentors and 24 entrepreneurs, with the aim    […]

The magic of synchrony

  The first meeting of this year of the Amalurra community (Basque Country, Andalusia and Catalonia) brought together all the members of our project, once again the Amalurra community of Bizkaia being the host. Meeting again is always a pleasure and an opportunity to renew the complicity between those of us who share the experience    […]

Potential Project, awareness and efficiency

Amalurra has hosted, from October 16 to 21, the meeting Potential Project , which has brought together almost 100 Mindfulness facilitators from around the world. This event has given us the opportunity to live a very enriching experience at the community level, since both projects share the objective of raising awareness. For its part, Potential    […]

The weak health of our native forests

On the occasion of the European Day of Sustainable Communities , from Amalurra community We organized an open day with a program of activities focused on the problem of our native forests, in line with the concern generated by the disease that is attacking the pine insignis , its virulence and the lack of effective    […]