September 15 “World Cleanup Day of the Planet”

World Cleanup Day is the massive and decentralized civic movement Let´s Do It! World. The movement was born in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people cleaned the entire country for 5 hours organizing themselves through the platform WorldCleanupday . Since then, the model ‘One country, one day’ It has spread around the world, thus creating one of the largest fast-growing movements in history. To date, almost 140 countries and 20 million people have joined forces to clean up trash from their environments.

The fact of getting together one day a year to clean, each his own piece of planet, has meant the collection of 509,000 tons of garbage. These data help us to understand the importance of the small daily actions of each person for the planet and for the world community.

The September 15 It is not a day to save the planet, it is a day to save ourselves from the consequences of our actions. To make us aware of the consequences for our rivers and oceans and consequently for millions of animals, the frivolity of not taking responsibility for our garbage. The #worldcleanupday It is also a hopeful day in which we realize the power that our small and daily acts have and how magical it is. hhttp: // post_type = tribe_eventsacernos one to the same goal.

From Amalurra community , we want to unite and be part of this movement, that is why we have organized for that day the cleaning of the Bolumburu de Zalla park . We will meet there at 10: 0, in the parking lot of the park, and we will distribute ourselves by areas to collect the garbage that we find. Around 2:00 p.m. we will meet again to classify the garbage and we will close the morning with a snack. It is important to bring gloves.

Of course, the call is open to anyone who wants to participate. In Bizkaia there are several groups that are going to join this global action, it must also be said that many of them clean their respective ecosystems on a regular and regular basis. An example for the rest!

Go ahead and participate in this world day to reduce a little garbage in our forests, rivers and seas. We will wait for you!

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