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Permanent living agoras
Amalurra, Vizcaya / Bizkaia
August 27-30, 2016

Welcome and welcome to the II Spanish Permaculture Convergence. We are very happy to invite all of you to this annual Permaculture event. This meeting offers us a great opportunity to share a space and co-create our community, to meet and know each other, to give and receive and to dream and act in growing collaboration.

We are living an enormously important moment in the history of our planet. To respond to your many vital challenges, we see that you are pressing more than ever that our initiatives and movements converge in a direction of interconnection and mutual support and expansion. Therefore, we want to invite you to this meeting of people and activities sensitive to the biosphere in all its dimensions, to express and share ideas, projects, work, enthusiasm and value. With this intention, in this annual meeting we place the emphasis on discovering together new ways of collaborating to reinforce the impulse of transformation and regeneration of the planet, which probably each one of us is already aligning in her way of life in service to permaculture and Gaia. .

At the II Spanish Permaculture Convergence we want to offer spaces for self-expression, dialogue and sharing, putting the best intention, attention and care in promoting and facilitating the emergence of different important issues during the meeting, incipient issues with which once together we will probably resonate and flag as fundamental. With this vision, this convergence is proposed as a mission not only to promote a greater degree of community cohesion, but also to consolidate the permaculture movement in the Spanish territory, through a conscientious harvest of matters of interest in real time, but also gradually consolidate the work and integral development of permaculture in Spain at a global level. Likewise, this second meeting of permaculture companies in Spain aims to advance one step further from the work of the past convergence.

During the four days of this meeting, and coinciding the first two days with the meeting of the Iberian Ecovillage Network (RIE), we will open spaces to share our experiences, to increase our knowledge, with a multicolored offer of topics of interest with activities, talks, workshops, project exhibitions, etc., and to favor synergies and emerging networks as we navigate and enjoy the movements and qualities of all our new relationships.

The last two days will be focused on two main topics, in the project phase since the first meeting in 2015:

The Academy Diploma.
From the Academy, under the tutelage of the teachers Richard Wade, Antonio Scotti, Marcos Tur and Alfred Decker, a space will be offered for the exhibition and delivery of the first four Diplomas in Spain. This act of celebration will give way to the definition of the educational format of the Diploma process, aimed at offering permacultures settled in Spain a framework to develop and mature their own methodologies and thus contribute to the gradual consolidation of the permaculture movement in the bioregions where focus their activity.

In this topic, we will create a space for dialogue on the next steps for the organization of the Academy.

Iberian Permaculture and Spanish Convergence of Permaculture.
In this second convergence, starting from the initiatives of the first meeting, we want to continue co-creating, developing and giving strength to the organizational and collaborative structures of the Academy, PI and the CEP. The intention of our collaborative work in organizing this II Convergence tries not only to consolidate the permaculture movement in the Spanish territory, but also to intensify and permeate the transforming agency of permaculture in the social, educational, professional, institutional and public spheres in Spain.
In this topic, we will create a space for dialogue about the next steps for the organization of Iberian Permaculture (PI) and the Spanish Permaculture Convergence (CEP).

In conclusion, for all these questions, concerns and many more interesting things that may emerge during the days of the II Spanish Permaculture Convergence, we feel that your presence is vitally important to share views and projects in an inter-personal experiential environment, as well as to celebrate shared energies and creative passions at the service of PERMACULTURE.

August 27-30, 2016 (Saturday to Tuesday)

Amalurra Community ( )
Barrio La Reneja, 35 – 48879 Artzentales – Vizcaya / Bizkaia
Contact to get to Amalurra: 946 109 540 /

Contact and information for CEP 2016:
infocep2016 @ permaculturaib

Information and registration: http: // cep-2016 /

Registration prices:
Price for 4 days:
€ 100 / person.
Includes accommodation, meals and participation in CEP 2016.

Price for a 2-day block (August 27-28 or August 29-30): € 50 / person.
Includes accommodation, meals and participation in CEP 2016.

Price breakdown:
Camping / caravan =
€ 6 per person per day.
Shared room (with sheets) =
€ 15 (1 night); € 26 (2 nights); € 33 (3 nights).
Double room in hotel =
€ 25 (1 night); € 48 (2 nights); € 69 (3 nights).
August 27-28: 2 breakfasts + 2 lunches + 2 dinners = € 38
August 29-30: 2 breakfasts + 2 lunches + 2 dinners = € 38

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